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Director’s Message


Every society and economy offers unprecedented scope, alongside challenges, which are unfortunately dwelled upon more than the opportunities. It is encouraging that ‘Entrepreneurship’ has emerged as a panacea that offers a promising framework to benefit from these latent opportunities. I am glad that entrepreneurship education is gradually becoming widespread and accessible to students from all streams and sections of society. Entrepreneurship teaching is getting prominently integrated into higher education curricula. EDII is proud that while these developments are on the way, there is already a brigade of trained entrepreneurs whose entrepreneurial attributes have opened up seamless opportunities for them and so many others. They are testimonies to the claim that entrepreneurs can be bred through right education. I am proud that these enterprising brains are using their entrepreneurial competence to erect innovative, progressive enterprises. Also, their consciousness about deeprooting this discipline, amazes me. I am certain that their efforts will bring about more coherence and coordination in the sphere of entrepreneurship education. I wish them luck for being the harbingers of change and promoting the cause that EDII has been mandated.

Alumni are the refection of any institute or university. Their success in the real world is a reflection of the Institute’s abilities. I am happy that EDII Post Graduate Programmes’ Alumni are carving their niche and simultaneously, also strengthening each other through meaningful networking, collaborations and cooperation. I look forward to more landmarks from them. This website will also facilitate the process of growth and expansion by opening new avenues for start-ups as well as existing firms as the compendium of trained entrepreneurs on this platform, and will appeal to many venture capitalists. Needless to add, there are wonders still to be unraveled, towards which, as always, EDII and Alumni Association will move hand-in-hand.

Best wishes,
Dr. Sunil Shukla

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