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President’s message


We all came to EDI with a dream. Most of us would be passing through turbulence managing themselves at various stages, but we keep on sailing with that DREAM of ours. As they say the best way to predict the future is to create it. At the same time, in the modern world of business, it is not enough to be a creative, original thinker unless we can also sell what we create.

Friends, this is the paradox. Success is all about managing paradoxes.

Many of us might have come to EDI with a view that is away from pursuit of ‘being placed’. Creation, Sustenance, Entrepreneurship, Development and Innovation must be the idea with most of us. Even those who chose to be in management profession carry a sense of entrepreneurship that can move the corporate culture from business administration to organization design. Social Entrepreneurship is another facet of our school of thought and I believe some of us are doing exceedingly well in that direction. But do we know what our peers are doing? Do we know which part of the world they are? Do we know which industry they are in? EDIAA has taken the task of bringing the Alumni closer and give a chance to know answers to these questions. It is time to reconnect and rebuild to share our insights, experiences and forecasts. So let’s NETWORK…

But, it is always the start that requires the greatest effort. Over the last few years, we have gathered momentum in terms of interactions, initiatives, programs and events. Mainly with an objective to set up a chord among alumni spread all over the globe, we wish to sustain the momentum and form a stronger nucleolus in terms of better networking for knowledge sharing and business opportunities. Hence, I request you to join EDIAA as member and contribute your share to our alumni universe. Also I would request to support us by coming forward to form local chapters across India which will strengthen the pace of EDIAA’s objectives. Your better participation will surely take the spirit enterprise and entrepreneurship to fresh heights. So let’s get close through this association.

Look forward to seeing you all and sharing business and personal events…

Best wishes,
Sumit Grover

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