Rules & Regulations

EDIAA Website’s Posting Rules and Guidelines

EDIAA Forum is a platform for free sharing of ideas, opinions and experiences. All the alumni of EDI can post meaningful content to help other alumni and students. It is governed by rules and guidelines that help it remain a meaningful and comfortable place for everyone.

Here is a list of things you should NOT do on EDIAA Forum.

Thou shall not be Abusive

Do not write hateful, vilifying or slanderous material. We believe in free speech and it is the coherently and logically articulated type of free speech that we value. Do not make personal attacks, use abusive language or slander without proof.

Do not make personal attacks on other members in comments, discussions and private communications. If you are a victim of such an abuse from another member, please report the event to Forum Moderators.

Thou shall not Spam

Do not use EDIAA Forum to sneakily generate revenue or traffic or for the central purpose of advertising or affiliate marketing. Do not post advertisements disguised as articles. Do not post the same content repeatedly or post using multiple accounts. Absolutely under no circumstances shall you embed any malicious code or crafty tags in your submissions.

You may write a short bio of yourself by adding it to the Signature field on your profile or the end of the article and include a link-back to your website/social media presence. But you shall not do self-promotion within the article content.
Thou shall not post Personal information of anyone or defame anyone
Do not post any personal information that doesn’t belong to you to defame a person or breach their privacy.

Thou shall not post Sexual or Violent Material

Do not post adult content in any form (text, pictures, videos) or other inappropriate material that glorifies violence, dangerous superstition and occult belief or self-harm.

All right reserved with Editors

The decision of Editors and Administrators with regards to which article stays and which doesn’t shall be final and binding.